About radicalTailor

I'm Leslie! You might know me online as radicalTailor or Dan.

This is a "central hub" for all my stuff.

Now.. let me introduce myself.

My main interests are 3D and 2D art. I play a lot of Minecraft, I listen to a lot of music. Lately I also got into Homestuck via my bestie.
For the 3D art, I use Blockbench. For 2D: Aseprite, SAI, MS Paint or Krita, depends on what I wanna do.

I'm an AuDHD (autistic+ADHD) pluralfluid otherkin.
I have the LGBT spellbook on my side, beware.

My most notable hyperfixations include old web and 3D models.

My quiz results!!

I am a Mewtwo! Shiver Your clanspect is Hatta! I am Piplup! What Eevee Evolution Are You? Psychic

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